The Joy of the Resurrection

“He saw and believed. For they did not yet understand the Scripture that he had to rise from the dead.”

Happy Easter! What a joy it is to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord.  Although we can never fully comprehend what this means, as Christians, we know that through His pain and suffering even unto death, Jesus gave His life away to conquer death and unlock Heaven for each of us. I can still recall my four-year-old relating something she learned from her preschool teachers who are religious sisters.  Pointing to the crucifix at church, she said, “that is the key that opens the doors to Heaven.” May we come to accept Jesus into our lives and allow Him to unlock our hearts and free us from the bondage of this world.

Easter is a day of rejoicing; this is a day of hope. No matter what trials and tribulations you suffer, allow the joy of Easter to penetrate your heart. Please spend some time reflecting and pondering on what it means for us to experience freedom through Christ. He is our Redeemer, and Jesus desires a personal relationship with us.  Our Holy Days often become “Holidays” where we get lost in the party preparation, small details, and traditions that we can easily forget the real meaning. Easter celebration is an opportunity to reflect on the gift of new life offered to each of us through Jesus’ death on a cross. 

 As Peter ran to the tomb and discovered that Jesus had risen from the dead, we are invited to celebrate, participate and receive the joy of living in union with Christ on this beautiful day. 

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Emily Jaminet is a Catholic author, speaker, radio personality, wife, and mother of seven children. She earned a bachelor’s degree in mental health and human services from the Franciscan University of Steubenville.  She is the co-founder of and the Executive Director of The Sacred Heart Enthronement Network She has co-authored several Catholic books and her next one, Secrets of the Sacred Heart: Claiming Jesus’ Twelve Promises in Your Life, comes out in Oct. 2020. Emily serves on the board of the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference, contributes to Relevant Radio and Catholic

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