Here at St. Mary, we primarily use The John Paul II Healing Center‘s model for inner healing to offer healing. We make use of prayer sessions where we invite God into core memories, or other memories, that we need him to reveal Himself in. We host Healing the Whole Person retreats to encounter God’s love in a more profound way. Lastly, we recommend reading Be Healed or starting your own group focused on inner healing (please reach out for help facilitating this).

What is Healing?

It is where we encounter God’s love and mercy, especially in places where we feel unloved, hurt, or otherwise wounded.

What is Healing the Whole Person?

It is a physical, spiritual and emotional healing, central to the Church’s life and 2,000 year tradition, come to life today. The uniquely engaging format will help you see and experience God’s healing love through teaching, prayer, personal reflection, adoration and the Sacraments.

The John Paul II Healing Center has created this series to facilitate the Church’s teaching about Healing.

For questions about Healing in the Catholic Church, please go here for more information.