Adult Faith Formation

As followers of Jesus Christ, we share in the mission of proclaiming the Good News through our words and actions. To do this, we must possess a mature faith. As adult Catholics, we must be men and women of prayer who are grounded in a sound, strong, and deep understanding of our faith. Examples of some offerings include Bible Study, Alpha, Life in the Spirit, and adoration.

Fall 2023-Catholic Biblical School of Michigan

Starting September 17th, 2023 at 7pm in the Mutliuse room, all year long! There is an information/Q and A session at 7pm on Wednesday, August 2023.

Year-Long Study: Coming soon!

Healing the Whole Person Retreat: Date to be announced soon

Small Group Communities

Your group will read the readings, pray with the Gospel using lectio divina (we will provide instructions), and then discuss the provided questions for the Gospel.
All you need to do is find a partner to help you lead (optional), ask three or four more friends to join you, pick a day/time/location, and submit the information to Anna Murphy at
The Spirit will guide your prayer and discussion, and we provide the format and questions! The entire time commitment should be about an hour a week with minimal to no preparation.
We are happy to open up spaces in the church for you to meet (space is limited and must be reserved in advance), or you can meet elsewhere. If you do not know who to ask but are willing to lead, we will happily help you find group members. If you would like to participate as a group member, we will pair you with a leader.
We understand that this might feel like yet another thing to add to your schedule, but we ask that you prayerfully consider how you can best grow closer to Christ during this season. If you are interested in learning more, receiving materials, submitting a day/time/location, or finding group members/leader please email Anna Murphy at

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