Adult Faith Formation

As followers of Jesus Christ, we share in the mission of proclaiming the Good News through our words and actions. To do this, we must possess a mature faith. As adult Catholics, we must be men and women of prayer who are grounded in a sound, strong, and deep understanding of our faith. Examples of some offerings include Bible Study, Alpha, Life in the Spirit, and adoration.

Parish Retreat: Stoke

St. Mary will host its first men’s and women’s retreats onsite this March. Come stoke the flames of faith!

Women’s Retreat: March 21st-22nd

Men’s Retreat: 28th-29th

Parish Retreat 2020

Weekend Men's and Women's Retreats at St. Mary's Women's 3/21-3/22 Men's 3/28-3/29 *Space is limited to 30 attendees per weekend. First come, first served. Sign up today!
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    Overnight accommodations are available for those who wish to stay at St. Mary.
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The Great Adventure Bible Study

Take the adventure of a lifetime! Led by Deacon Randy and a core of volunteer parishioners, attendees will travel through the Bible Timeline to come to understand both the Bible and God’s purpose for us. Watch the trailer below to learn more. Attend an informational meeting on Monday, September 23rd at 7pm. Download  The Great Adventure Bible Timeline Calendar.

The Great Adventure Bible Study

Choose from two sessions (1-3pm and 7-9pm) on Mondays. You will need to purchase a study guide through the parish. An informational meeting will occur on Monday, September 23rd from 7-9pm. (You do not have to attend this meeting, but it is suggested.)
    If you participated in this study before, you do not need to purchase a new guide. Otherwise, you must purchase a guide (around $40 with tax and shipping) to participate.

Small Group Registration

St. Mary is establishing small groups for parishioners of all ages and in all stages of life. To register or learn more about small groups, please complete the form below.

Small Group Registration

    Sessions will last an hour to an hour and a half. Please choose all days of the week you are consistently available.

Activate your free Formed membership today!

Saint Mary Pinckney offers a free membership to – a Catholic database of videos, studies, audio materials, and books for all ages. To register for Formed, visit It’s free and will be used for our Parish-Wide Study of the Wild Goose this winter and spring. Check out today!

Upcoming Events:

Parish-Wide Study of “The Wild Goose” – January 27th and runs through April 14th