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For almost 30 years, St. Mary Catholic School has provided an exemplary program for children across Livingston and Washtenaw counties.

Students from pre-school through 8th grade receive an exceptional education in a nurturing and loving environment. Graduates leave St. Mary with a strong foundation of knowledge, faith, and a way of interacting in the world with confidence and compassion.

With small classrooms averaging 15 students, each student receives individual attention. The academic program at St. Mary incorporates higher levels of thinking, and our students enjoy a stimulating curriculum that fosters a lifelong love of learning.

St. Mary Catholic School is so much more than a school. It is a unified, faith-filled community working together to support one another, and especially our children. There is no way to measure the value of an education deeply rooted in faith and values. A St. Mary education truly provides the foundation for high school, life, and beyond.


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“I went to school here from kindergarten to 8th grade. I knew when I was in Mrs. Kinsey’s first grade class that I wanted to be a teacher. I always hoped that I would be able to help and inspire other children the way that my own teachers did for me. I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to give back to the school that I loved so much as a child. Our small class sizes are ideal and the family involvement is wonderful. Being able to reflect on the Word of God and share it with others sets us apart from other schools. I know when I left St. Mary at the end of 8th grade I was more than prepared for the academic and social challenges of High School.”

– Andrea Kacher, St. Mary alumnus 


“I have never witnessed such a strong administration, dedicated teachers and involved parents. Our family is blessed to be a part of such an amazing school.”

– Monica Jackson, St. Mary Parent


“I’m currently a sophomore at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI. I graduated from St. Mary in 2007 and loved my experience. The attitude and atmosphere are only two aspects that made my time at St. Mary so beneficial. An education focused on my Catholic faith and teachers that were enthusiastic and very willing to share everything they know defines the atmosphere that is St. Mary Catholic School. I believe the education and people that I have met at St. Mary have greatly helped form the person I am today.”

– Caitlin Boote, Class of 2007


“The pervasive mood and attitude of the school is very positive. St. Mary School provides a school climate rich in Catholic identity and high academic expectations. Students are taught to be responsible for their actions and to participate in being stewards for God’s creation through the Green School Initiative and service to the community.”

– Michigan Nonpublic School Accrediting Association, Final Accreditation Report Jan. 2012


“Congratulations on your team winning the St.Paul Basketball tournament this past weekend. The team represented you, your school, but most importantly, their Lord and Savior well throughout the weekend. You have a good group of players and coaches.”

– Brad Massey, Athletic Director, St. Paul Lutheran School Ann Arbor and organizer of the St. Paul Invitational Basketball Tournament


St. Mary provides a safe school enviornment for my kids. Felt school was warm and inviting. Mrs. Kinsey is a strong principal, and you can tell she loves her job and the school kids. Classrooms were very organized and felt like a great learning environment. Library was well stocked and very inviting. Computer lab and smart board technology were a big draw. Felt strong sense of community among the parish and school families.

– Comments from new parents in a school survey, Fall 2011


“When my children were born, I never even considered where I would send them to school. I only knew that I wanted a “good” school, just as my parents wanted for me. When it came time to choose a school, I looked at the standardized test scores, the student-teacher ratio, and all of the things that go into choosing a school. I decided to give St. Mary Preschool a try. What I found was that St. Mary Catholic School is SO much more than just a “good” school. It is a DIFFERENT school. Yes, of course, the test scores are great, the teachers are well trained, and the student- teacher ratio is excellent but when I tell people that my kids attend a private school, they ask me,”Is that a “better” education?”. The first time someone asked me that, I pondered for a moment and then said, “It’s not that it is a better education (than public), it’s a DIFFERENT education. That is always my answer now, especially when people with preschool age children ask my advice on where to send their kids. St. Mary is “different”, in that there is a lot of parent involvement and the parents and teachers really KNOW your child. They are not just a number. You get to know the parents, and they get to know your child. The parents working in the lunchroom always have stories about my children, such as how my preschooler has to show them her sparkly shoes, my daughter doesn’t eat the chef salad “so don’t order it anymore,” and my son’s shoelaces keep getting untied on the playground. This makes me feel really connected to the school. The school is also different in that the religious education is engrained in their everyday curriculum, not just as a separate subject. I believe this makes a difference in their philosophy with Social studies, Science, Reading, English and all the subjects. I never even considered a Catholic School until my husband suggested it. He went to a Catholic School and I went to a Public School. Even though the school I attended was an “award winning blue ribbon” school with high test scores, lots of funding, , and lots of services, I really think I missed out on an important piece of education. Yes, I was raised Catholic and went to Religious Education through church, but I really did not make the connection between my faith and how it related to History, Science and English. They were separate for me. Today, I am learning a lot right along with my children as I help them study religion and I think this has helped me grow in my faith! As I write this the day after watching a wonderful Christmas play and concert that St. Mary School produced, my decision to choose St. Mary has been further justified and I’d like you to ponder this: Do you simply want a “good” education or a DIFFERENT education. If the answer is the latter, then St. Mary School is for you.”

– Linda Schneider, parent of two St. Mary students

We encourage you to call our school office to schedule a tour at (734) 878-5616

Please call the school office to talk to our principal, Veronica Kinsey to set up a tour of our wonderful school.  She will love to take you around. 734-878-5616


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