Inner Healing Prayer Ministry

What is a healing prayer session?

There are opportunities for individual prayer, Healing Prayer Sessions. In a Healing Prayer Session, a team of two people will pray with the recipient to receive whatever healing God chooses to give them.

Who is a prayer minister in this ministry?

Prayer ministers in this ministry are people who have received healing graces themselves and have been trained by the John Paul II Healing Center in how to pray with others for healing. Healing prayer sessions take place Tuesday evenings in the parish office. Many people come once for an appointment, but others schedule follow-ups. You can sign up for Healing Prayer Session here.

How can I prepare for this session?

A good resource for all of us to review before our Healing Prayer Session is this handout: Renouncing Lies & Deadly Sins and Announcing the Truth (pdf).

How do I sign up for this?

You can sign up by clicking here! It is a joy to pray with you!


Please contact Anna Murphy with any questions you may have.