Family Catechesis

We are dedicated to promoting excellence in catechesis, that is, the lifelong Christian formation of the total person in heart, mind, and will to prepare young people to live Christ’s message through formation in education, faith, prayer, worship, community, moral development, and service. Our Religious Education program has several options to help families pass their faith on to their children.

St. Mary Family Catechesis Program

St. Mary’s Family Catechesis allows parents and students to encounter God and learn more about Him together. In summer 2021, we participated in a foundational opportunity called the Domestic Church Project. We are hoping to make this program available again in summer of 2022. We should know by June 1st if we will be able to partner with Catholic Sprouts/Domestic Church Project once again!

This 6-week foundation is self-paced over the course of 10 weeks. Domestic Church Project only requires families with children ages 2-18 to listen to a 5-minute podcast, have 5 minutes of discussion using pre-written questions, and participate in a 5-minute family activity. Through these small steps, families will begin to bring Jesus to the center of life of their family.

Students and parents will participate in monthly parent and child catechesis using an updated, easy to follow curriculum. Additionally, we are launching a pre-K3-1st grade program called Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS). CGS will run concurrently with our monthly sessions to provide sound catechesis to our youngest members.

Stay tuned for 2022 summer catechesis opportunities!

Registration Materials

Please use this link to register. You will need scroll to Family Catechesis 2022-2023 and choose your child(ren)’s grade(s) from the drop down.

Family Catechesis will be offered at no cost this year, but we encourage you to place donations into the weekly offering as you feel led. 

If you are not a St. Mary Pinckney parish member but would like to enroll in Religious Education, please call the office at (734) 878-3161.

Director of Evangelization and Catechesis

Anna Murphy