Activate your free Formed membership today!

Saint Mary Pinckney offers a free membership to – a Catholic database of videos, studies, audio materials, and books for all ages. To register for Formed, visit It’s free and will be used for our Parish-Wide Study of the Wild Goose this winter and spring. Check out today!

Wild Goose: Parish Wide Study

We invite you to embark on a journey with the rest our parish, led by thought-provoking and dynamic Franciscan friar, as we discover a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Wild Goose is a visually-stunning, 14 part series on Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

There are three ways to participate:

  1. Listen to Father Dan’s homilies at Sunday Mass
  2. Listen to Father Dan’s homilies and watch the Wild Goose videos at home on
  3. Listen to Father Dan’s homilies and participate in a viewing and small group discussion at Saint Mary church