Market Day

We are excited to partner with Market Day to bring fresh food to our families, and some of the proceeds will go to supporting our St. Mary School!

What is Market Day?

Market Day is a frozen food delivery service that gives 10% portion of profits back to schools. It’s a convenient way to have groceries that are nutritionous sent straight to your home! With busy schedules, it can be difficult to prepare meals.


How does Market Day work?

You will order your food via their website, and your food will arrive at your door! Market Day is a contactless service that will deliver to your home.

 How do we sign up?

  1. Go to this website (
  2. To create your account and register with our school, start by clicking “REGISTER” on the top right portion on the website.
  3. Select our state location. Once on this page, it is important to select our school. You do this by clicking “Select an Organization,” you will then be asked to type out the name of our School (St. Mary School Pinckney…please make sure you select the correct school in the correct location)
     Feel free to tell your Family/Friends/Co-Workers – anyone can place an order 24/7 to help support our School.

    What else do I need to know?

1. All orders are delivered to your home via Fed Ex. Shipped in a cooler with dry ice.

2. St. Mary School Pinckney will receive 10% of each order placed.

3.  Market Day also offers many wonderful saving opportunities with monthly promotions and coupons you will get emails of the all specials once you sign up!

Register Today!

If you have any questions or need help setting up your account.

Call or Text Annette Staley (517) 861-1736

   St. Mary School, Pinckney – Market Day Volunteer