Preparing Daily

“They were eating, drinking, buying, selling, planting, building.” Today, maybe Jesus would say, “They were eating, drinking, watching, posting, zooming, working.” The days’ regular activities may have changed somewhat from when Jesus explored the idea of His second coming, but things really aren’t all that different.

Notice how in both lists, none of the activities listed include any type of worship, adoration or service to others. These are all inward-focused actions, though to be sure there are communal benefits to some of them. I am curious if Jesus’ message would have been softer, maybe less surprising, if the people had been regularly engaging in proper worship and kept themselves in right relationship with God. 

Jesus says people will be going about their days, looking down and looking in. Then, suddenly, things will radically change. People will be taken up without their neighbor’s knowledge. There will be no time to finish a harvest, send one more email, or pack a suitcase. When the Lord comes, there is no turning back, no second glances. 

This takes some planning, it takes practice. It means that your everyday life ought to be lived within an extra-ordinary reality. Yes, we must eat and drink. But we can do so in a manner that acknowledges God’s good gifts. Yes, we need to work, and in many cases, zoom or otherwise use technology to connect with others. But we do so in a way that does not put the technology first. God remains in our center, prayer before posting, Mass before mass email blasts. 

Jesus is speaking to us today. He is asking us to look at our priorities, our to-do lists. Where does He fit in? What are the most important things to get done today? How can you be prepared for His coming?

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Kate Taliaferro is an Air Force wife and mother. She is blessed to be able to homeschool, bake bread and fold endless piles of laundry. When not planning a school day, writing a blog post or cooking pasta, Kate can be found curled up with a book or working with some kind of fiber craft. Kate blogs at

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