Waiting In Power

For me, today’s readings are all about anticipation. Liturgically, we just celebrated the Ascension of the Lord. After Easter, many disciples  were seeing Jesus, gathering back together, remembering everything he had said and done. Now they watched as he finally returned to the Father. And when I say watched, I mean they were probably staring up for hours dumbfounded, because a couple of angels had to wake them and tell them Jesus wasn’t there anymore. Before he left, Jesus asked them to trust him, and to wait for the Holy Spirit that would  come upon them. And that’s where we find ourselves now.

But this waiting isn’t the same as that of Lent, or that of the Triduum. A waiting based on repentance, or a waiting based on sorrow and confusion. This is a waiting in power. Jesus has confirmed everything was true about himself and the Father. He defeated death, and appeared once again to the disciples. And now with great anticipation, the disciples await the promised power to descend from heaven. Everything that Jesus calls them to do for the kingdom of heaven wouldn’t be possible without the Advocate.

So now, just as Jesus’ disciples waited for the strength and power and glory of the Spirit of God to fill them completely, WE get to wait for that SAME Holy Spirit! WE get to gather and pray together, to long for the completion of Jesus’ word, to get pumped with excitement for the kingdom of God to reign on the earth THROUGH US! The First Reading from Acts confirms that the Spirit was living and active in the early Church, and it will be until the end of time! When is the last time you saw someone baptized and prayed over, and the Spirit fell so tangibly on them? It still happens today! Or else all of what Jesus has done is for nothing!

I long for the time when the Church at large receives a new baptism of the Holy Spirit, when we see a time that’s similar to the Psalm from today: “God arises; his enemies are scattered…as smoke is driven away, so they are driven…the just rejoice and exult before God”. Let’s pray
together that the coming Pentecost would be that time for us! Keep your eyes on Jesus: “Take courage, I have conquered the world”.

Songs for Reflection:
Fullness – Elevation Worship
Reign above it all – Bethel, Paul McClure
There is a cloud – Elevation Worship
Here as in Heaven – Elevation Worship
Open Up the Heavens – Meredith Andrews
Rest on Us – Brandon Lake, Upperroom
Resurrection Power – Chris Tomlin

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Feature Image Credit: Jon, Tyson, https://unsplash.com/photos/YtYNavix3pw