Walking Closely with Christ

In today’s Gospel, we hear who Jesus named the Twelve Apostles. After calling them, they were surrounded by a great crowd of people. People from all of Judea and Jerusalem and the coastal region of Tyre and Sidon came to hear Jesus. “Everyone in the crowd sought to touch him because power came forth from him and healed them all.” In Scripture stories like this, I tend to picture what it would be like to be there, a part of the crowd. Witnessing people who have traveled miles upon miles, weeks upon weeks, to hear and touch Jesus. The eagerness of the crowd all trying to be healed by a simple touch of his cloak. Sometimes, I wonder if we are as eager as them. Are we eager to be that close to Jesus? Would we travel that far? Not by airplanes and ubers, but by foot? This spirit of eagerness is the spirit in which we continue to walk with Him, be rooted in Him, and built upon Him. St. Paul shares with us today, “As you received Christ Jesus the Lord, walk in him, rooted in him, and built upon him and established in faith as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving…”

When I think back throughout my life with Jesus, I can look at faith and point out the ups and downs pretty easily. The moments of consolation and desolation, the waves of living one’s faith in our world today. Today’s reading suggested to me that I should take a deeper look, instead of just noticing the challenging times versus the easy. Where was I truly walking closely with Christ? Which moments and situations allowed me to root myself deeper in Him? What moments of grace were foundational in my faith life? Where did I build upon Him? I hope you take a moment to reflect on this call of St. Paul. Reflect on where you (by the help of God’s grace) have already done this in your life! As we continue to walk with Him, root ourselves in Him, and built upon Him, let us remember the spirit of eagerness. The spirit of wanting to be close to Jesus, just like the crowd that traveled to see Him. In our day to day choices, we choose to draw nearer. Let today be a day of eagerness and reflection as we continue to walk with the Lord.

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Briana is the Pastoral Minister at St. Mark Church in Cleveland, OH. She is also a district manager at Arbonne. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Catechetics from the Franciscan University of Steubenville, OH and is excited to use these skills to serve the Church. “My soul has been refined and I can raise my head like a flower after a storm.” -St. Therese