Confirmation Preparation (2020-2021)

Confirmation Names are due December 13th. Review the document and links below with your parents before choosing your confirmation name.

Choosing Your Confirmation Name

Biggest and Best List of Confirmation Saints 

Saint Biography List

Complete the form below to submit your confirmation name.

Confirmation Name Submission

  • If you are keeping your baptismal name, please re-write it here.
  • Write 3-5 sentences explaining why you chose this name. (ex. Who is the Saint? How do they influence you? Etc.)

Review this document with your parents before choosing your sponsor.

Choosing a Confirmation Sponsor

Complete and return this sponsor form (with seal of his or her home parish) and your sponsor interview by November 8th. Sponsors from St. Mary Pinckney will receive seal from the parish office once the form is returned.

Sponsor Form

Sponsor Interview

General Information:

Discernment Guide