Catechetical Overview

Catechetical Overview provides students in grades 8-11 discerning Confirmation with an opportunity to review the content of the Faith, grow in community with other parish teens, and prayerfully consider their call to the sacrament.

Classes occur monthly in the spring of each year. After completing the overview, students may enroll in Confirmation preparation during the fall of their 9th-12th grade years. The two courses do not have to be completed in consecutive years.

The following links will help guide you and your child through Catechetical Overview:

  1. Discernment Guide:  This guide helps discerning students and parents cultivate a desire for Confirmation. It is a goal that all Christians must strive to attain, and active striving should be easily seen in all those seeking the sacrament.
  2. We will be using Symbolon for YDisciple during the at-home parent/child sessions. Please make sure you have registered for your free membership. If not, you can redeem our code (DRGRCF) for membership. Students will receive instructions on which videos to watch at the end of each class.
  3. Session 2 Recording: This session (3/17) includes Theology of the Body (TOB) and Vocations/Discernment talks that go beyond the YDisciple Symbolon talks you watched at home. We strongly encourage you to listen to this talk and follow along in the PowerPoint. There is also a 5-minute Fr. Mike Schmitz clip in the Power Point on the true meaning of the phrase “I love you” that I strongly encourage you to watch. Enjoy!

Catechetical Overview Session 2

4. Session 3 Recordings: This session (4/28) includes Who is Jesus?, how to make Jesus the Lord of your life, and the Paschal Mystery. It also includes a rather long but helpful aside (as prompted by a group of students who are dealing with this in math class at the moment) on how students can answer their peers’ questions about why God is real. The two recordings cover the entire class.