At a Glance




History             Established in 1955

Affiliation         Diocese of Lansing, Michigan


  • Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools (MANS)
  • Member of the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA)


  • Preschool to 8th grade


  • Pastor, Fr. Dan Kogut
  • Principal, Veronica Kinsey

Core Pillars

  • Excellence in Faith, Scholarship, and Service

Sacramental Life

  • Mass each Wednesday and Friday. Family preparation for First Reconciliation and First Communion.

Curriculum & Assessments

  • Students in grades third through fifth take the Northwest Educational Assessment (NWEA) three times a year to monitor progress while students in second grade take this test in the spring.  Students in fifth and eighth grade take the Diocese of Lansing Religion Test.

Class Size

  • Small classes
  • Great opportunity for 1:1 attention
  • Average class size is 18 students