2019 Diocesan Services Appeal

The Diocesan Services Appeal (DSA) is part of the life of the Diocese of Lansing and the life of St. Mary Catholic Church. As members of the parish, we also belong to the larger church of the Diocese of

Lansing which is, of course, part of the universal Catholic Church. The Diocese is committed to a multitude of services and ministries which are funded by two main sources of income.

Each year, the Diocesan Services Appeal unites all 74 parishes of our Diocese, drawing us together to achieve far more than any individual or any single parish could accomplish alone. Our contributions are put to work right away, in a multitude of ministries and formative activities. These contributions are used to offer direct assistance to individuals and families and to our parishes and schools.

The good works of the DSA include:

* Catholic Charities Works of Mercy

* Diocesan Assemblies

* Faith-based Counseling

* Marriage and Family Programs

* Marriage Tribunal Services

* Young Adult Vocational Formation

* Youth Formation For more information on the Diocesan Services Appeal, go to the Diocese of Lansing. To make a DSA pledge contact Debbie Miller at (734) 878-3161 or dmiller@stmarypinckney.org.