The St. Mary Cemetery is located at 450 Mower Street in the Village of Pinckney.


Originally, St. Mary parishioners were buried in the Old Dexter Cemetery located at Dexter-Townhall and Quigley Roads. The property for the current cemetery was purchased in January 1881 from Thompson Grimes. The official dedication of the cemetery took place in 1882. After the dedication, numerous remains were disinterred from the Old Dexter Cemetery and relocated to St. Mary’s. While many changes have occurred with regard to the church structure, the cemetery on Mower has been a constant location honoring some of the churches earliest members.

Annually the church hosts a Memorial Day mass at the cemetery honoring all those who have come before us serving God, country, and community.


Please contact the parish office for details on purchasing a grave.

Lots are $525 Each lot (grave) can be used for one traditional burial, one traditional and one cremains burial, or two cremains burials. For questions regarding memorial markers, please contact the Cemetery Sexton, Gary Nicholas at (800) 454-0337 or (734) 878-2940.

The Parish office is happy to help when they can, but please be aware that privacy laws prohibit the sharing of sacramental information. Additionally, as the cemetery is over 120 years old, some cemetery records are missing or have been destroyed in natural disasters. The Parish has done its best to ensure that records are as accurate as possible.