Hello from Religious Education!

Hard to believe that we have 3 weeks of class time left for this 2015-2016 year for (K-7th).  At St. Mary Parish we strive to meet the ever changing needs of our parishioners.  Life is busy! And yet we are delighted that you feel called to value the importance of your child’s Religious Education.  It seems that we have an ever increasing amount of older children who have received no sacraments because of a variety of reasons.  PLEASE inform us right away if this is your situation when you register.  We can get right on it and help you!  Many changes, updates and revisions have occurred during this educational year, we hope you’ve found these changes helpful.


     The 8th Grade Confirmation Teams of Mrs. Bylski and Mrs. Menosky will end May 22nd, and will pick up again September 18t h– October.  Mrs. Erickson’s Team 9th Grade will meet as usual.  We will again combine the Confirmation Service with St. Joseph in Dexter.  We will inform you with the location and time as soon as we know!


     Last day of Religious Education for K–7th Grade is Sunday, May 8th on May Crowning.  Please bring a flower.


     Confirmation has been arranged according to the Bishop’s desire to have our youth training in their 8th grade year and being confirmed the following Fall.  We will Confirm 70 students this coming October. We wait for a date from the bishop’s office as to what day in October. (Usually not until Early September.)  We have 2 groups using The Chosen series from Ascension Press and one group using Decisions from Matthew Kelly, Dynamic Catholic series.


     Confirmation service projects will undergo some changes as well.   Beginning this September our 8th graders will be involved in Wreathes for Veterans at our St. Mary’s Cemetery.  The 8th grade students as well as Mrs. Menosky and Mrs. Bylski teams will attend the Youth Group Lock-In this September.  Both Mrs. Bylski and Mrs Menosky’s groups will report to the Youth Group Room in September.


     Mrs. Erickson will be involved with Religious Education as Service Project Coordinator ONLY.  This is a tough job and she will devote much time researching and scheduling these projects for our students beginning in September.


     New Curriculum for our Religious Education students has been chosen and we have almost completed this year’s texts and workbooks.   Our series is from Loyola Press, Finding God Series.  This series supports our Parish Vision.  It offers full and authentic teachings of the Catholic Church.  Many opportunities are offered to KNOW our FAITH (traditions, holidays, scripture, creed, history). GROW in our FAITH (hands-on-learning experiences & so much more than just reading and discussing) and GO in our Faith (through sacraments, discipleship, service and prayer).

Our series and Our Mission is an invitation into a way of living in our relationship to God, family parish, and neighbor.  This Faith Formation is geared to be lived in the students home, school, and in their community.



We integrate prayer from K-8th with guided reflection,    scripture stories, bible studies and opportunities for Adoration, Catholic prayer and spontaneous prayer.  May we continue to lead and model prayerful encounters with Jesus.


Sacrament preparation will be in 2nd and 8th grades. A small brochure will be given with registration packets, so parents and children will know what to expect for their sacramental year. First Penance will have two short Parent and Child Meetings during September and again in early January.  8th Grade Confirmation will have two Parent Meetings, one in September (new 8th graders only) and in Late January.  (Dates will be on the 2016-2017 Religious Education Calendar).  First Eucharist Parent & Child   Meetings will be in February and April).


     There will be NO Religious Education Programs available in the summer.  Due to the availability of teachers and low enrollment we will no longer be able to offer this service. We do not offer curriculum for a 3 month program.  We will continue to strive to make our September- May program organized, structured towards making the most of our time, and a blessing for our children.


2016-2017 Registration

Updated Registration Packets will be sent home.  Please fill them out and return as soon as possible. Sacramental year students MUST send in a copy of their child’s Baptismal record.  If your child was baptized here at our parish it will already be in our files, no worries!  If your child was baptized at another parish, LET us know if you have trouble finding your record, call us and we can help!


      IF you did not get your Registration Packet, pick one up on the table near the church entrance.


      We have a Pre-school teacher for next year!  This will be free for our parishioners!  We are so very excited to offer this opportunity!   Please call the church office if you are interested! Also pick up a registration packet as well.  Sunday 10:10–11:20am Religious Education start date is: September 18th, 2016.


     Please let us know if your stewardship calls you to teach Religious Education!  I will be scheduling a training date and welcome you to consider this calling!!!

Thanking you for the opportunity to serve, God Bless the children and all the parents for all their help, attendance at meetings and on and on and on!  See you in September!

                                                            -Maureen Carroll